HappShot is THE modern day disposable camera. Do you and your friends want to share memories with real printed pictures, with the comfort of modern day technology? HappShot allows you and your friends to create photopacks, share them, comment on pictures and have the on photopaper printed pictures send directly to your home. Just like with a disposable camera, your pictures are not directly visible. Once the pack is full and a day of development time has passed, you can view them in the app. Get started now and download below!

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  1. Is HappShot a free app?

    Downloading and using the app is completely free. However, if you wish to receive printed pictures at home you will have to buy packs. All other features are available completely for free.

  2. Why have I not received my pack yet?

    Once your pack is full, we will download, print and send it as soon as possible. We are however dependent on the delivery speed of the postal services. If you haven't received your pack, please contact us at [email protected].

  3. Which personal data does HappShot store?

    For an overview of our privacy policy, see our privacy statement

    For any other questions, please contact us at [email protected].


HappShot was developed by KASTER Group, located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. KASTER Group was founded by three friends studying Information Sciences and Business Informatics. We started working on HappShot about one and a half years ago which has resulted in our first app. We will continue to update and support HappShot with new features and improved customer experience. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to rate HappShot in the appstore, or let us know using [email protected].


Perry Vlek


Randell Rasiman


Koen van den Braak

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